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Why buy a fire pit?

Why Buy a Fire Pit?

If there is one thing that people universally love, it is the chance to cosy up around a warm fire, gaze into the embers and flames and have a chat or a drink. Outdoor fire pits give you this opportunity, watch the stars get, warm and enjoy a relaxing evening at home or work.
Fire pits as the name suggests are holes or pits enclosed within stone or steel to provide a beautiful ornate fire that will be the focal point of any social event. Fire pits are the most common and ideal outdoor fire unit as they can use many fuels, can be created from many materials and customised to your desires.

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The Benefits of Having a Fire Pit

Fire pits while beautiful and elegant also have many additional benefits that they can provide to your home, family and friends.
While supplying an abundance of light and heat to any outdoor occasion, their most practical and historical use has always of course been cooking.

A well placed and beautifully designed fire pit will provide warmth and heat to your guest and family members as you enjoy an evening under the stars or canopy.

The more practical benefit of your fire pit is the light that it will provide to your outdoor area. Turn down the lights and enjoy watching the beautiful flames and embers pop and crackle under a starry sky.

When you take full advantage of your fire pit by cooking with it, you will truly see why choosing to have a fire pit was the right idea. Fire pits can be altered, and additional units built so you to can cook a stunning meal.

Perfect use of fuel
Fire pits will burn charcoal and wood depending on your preference allowing you to add flavour and a beautiful aroma to any evening spent cooking or relaxing by the fire.

The Fuel for your Fire
If you choose to use your fire pit for cooking, you may be wondering what fuel to use. We recommend using charcoal as it provides that tasty flavour, we all know and love. There are a variety of methods for cooking on an open fire pit and charcoal provides the best solution for all of these.
When simply using your fire pit for that beautiful warmth and heat then wood is the best option as it burns for much longer and provides those enchanting flames that are ideal to sit close to.

Beauty and Value
Finally, fire pits bring both beauty and value to your home. A beautifully designed and well-placed garden fire pit will improve the beautiful setting you have placed it in. It will also add considerable value to your homes worth due to the uniqueness of your fire pit and outdoor area design.

The best Fire Pit Cooking Methods

Rotisserie or spit-roasting is when meat is skewered through and placed on a spit. Once skewered you can place the rod and meat over an open fire and rotate until cooked to perfection.Ideal for true meat connoisseurs, this slow cooking method will provide tasty tender meat for your family and guests.
Ask in-store about accessories or the ability to create a rotisserie with your fire pit. Make sure that your meat is suspended above the flames so as not to overcook the meat.

Pot cooking

One of the simplest and most homely methods of cooking with your fire pit is of course through pot cooking. Enjoy hearty stews, soups and curries with your fire pit.
You will need a tripod, cast iron dish and some other accessories to thoroughly enjoy your pot dish, but we are sure it will be just as tasty as if you cooked in the kitchen.
Enjoy the uniqueness and outdoors while smelling the amazing aroma bellowing for your fire pit.


Grilling is the most straightforward cooking option for your Fire Pit. You simply need a suitable grill rack to cook on your open fire and then you are ready to go.

Fire Pit Safety

Open flames can cause extensive damage and injury when not monitored properly. It is the responsibility of the owners to ensure that safety precautions are taken, for that reason we have put together some important points of fire pit safety that you should remember.

1. Ensure your Firepit is in an area away from flammable items such as patios, gazebos etc.
2. Keep all unnecessary flammable liquids and gases away from open flames as they can explode and/or catch fire rapidly.
3. Always supervise children and keep pets away from open flames. Ensure guest and family members stay at a safe distance from the fire to ensure accidents don’t occur.
4. Any fuel you use should be stored at a safe distance from the fire to ensure it is not exposed and causes damage.
5. Lastly, always have a fire extinguisher or items to suppress a large fire such as a bucket of sand.

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