Garden Camping Tips 

Camping is one of the best ways to spend time with friends and family. It’s adventurous, exciting, and often where we will create some of our best memories. 

The only problem with camping is that it can entail a lot of prep work. Making food, packing the car, getting to our destination and in Ireland, crossing our fingers that the weather does what it says it will. So, what is one to do when they want to camp in the great outdoors without all the fuss? You camp in the garden.

Want some garden camping tips? Here are our top three. 

Pitch Your Tent First

Camping at home means pitching your tent first. If you leave it until later in the evening chances are people will get tired and head into the house for bedtime. If you want to experience the joy of back garden camping, prep is key so pitch your tent before you begin the night’s activities. Remember, make it cosy!

Cook Over A Fire Pit

When searching for camping ideas at home, food is where many people’s hearts intersect. Who doesn’t love a good campfire feast? Read our blog “Foods to Cook on a Fire Pit” for some delicious family recipes! 

Our fire pits are the perfect centrepiece for any garden campsite and make for a great camping stove so if you’re looking for fire pit ideas just get in touch.

Camping Games

Is it really a camping trip if there aren’t a few shenanigans to look forward to? You have the tent, mouth-watering food, and an outdoor fire for your garden so now it’s time to unleash the fun and games. 

There’s the classic spooky story time, sing songs around the fire pit and maybe some charades! Amazing! You are at home now though so packing up the car is no longer an issue. Here you can take advantage of bringing some of your favourite board games to the backyard campsite so you and your loved ones can have some friendly competition. 

There is endless fun to be had when camping at home. Our fire pits will keep you warm as you laugh into the Irish summer air and if you’re worried about how best to utilise it outside of camping we’ve also written a blog on things to do around a fire pit; How To Make The Most Out Of Your Fire Pit In Ireland.

Want to know more? Head over to the Fire Pits and Pieces website or reach out and our experts will be happy to help.